CommTrace AIS API

AIS Ship Tracking for Improved Navigation and Maritime Safety

CommTrace Global AIS API

ORBCOMM’s unique satellite AIS data service overcomes the limitations of terrestrial-based systems by cost-effectively tracking vessels well beyond coastal regions, often in near real-time. We were the first commercial satellite network with AIS data services and are now tracking over 150,000 vessels daily for over 100 customers in a variety of government and commercial organizations.


Lower Latency

With the launch of 16 next generation OG2 satellites and ORBCOMM’s existing network of 16 ground stations, AIS data latency for some areas is expected to be as low as one minute for detected vessels, enabling advanced alerting and reporting features.

Increased Detection Rate

ORBCOMM's OG2 satellites pass over vessels more frequently and for longer periods of time, increasing the probability of detecting an AIS signal.


Since AIS is just one of the services offered by the ORBCOMM satellite constellation, we are able to offer more flexibility in our plans and services compared to other satellite AIS providers.


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